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The modern fleet faces many hurdles. Legal and regulatory exposure abounds. Motor carriers who are not vigilant and proactive in addressing this risk will be weeded out!

Trucksafe Consulting is on a mission to help carriers mitigate their exposure to many types of legal and regulatory troubles. Education plays a big role in that process, and that's precisely why we are hosting our first annual Fleet Compliance Summit. 

Join us as we host the best and brightest industry thought leaders for a multi-session two-day online event like none other. Interact live with our guest speakers who will offer you practical tips for minimizing your fleet's risk in several key areas like DOT compliance, highway accident litigation, employment status, business structuring, and much more! 

Our Fleet Compliance Summit is perfect for business owners, safety managers, risk specialists, insurers, and legal teams, and will arm them with the knowledge they need to keep their fleets out of the crosshairs.  


First 300 to register will receive one of these awesome keychains!


When:  Aug. 11-12 
Where:  Online (Zoom)
Price: $125/person (early bird)

Space is limited, so register now to save your seat! Once registered, you will be emailed instructions for attending the online Zoom event. 

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SESSION 1  |  9-10am ET

Welcome & Introduction

Brandon Wiseman & Jerad Childress

Brandon & Jerad welcome attendees to the 1st annual Fleet Compliance Summit and set the stage for our special guests by highlighting some of the most pressing compliance-related issues facing today's fleets.

SESSION 2  |  10:15-11:15am ET

The Strategic Defense to the Reptile Theory

Doug Marcello

Taken from the pages of the Reptile Theory book itself, the self-recognized vulnerabilities of its attack gives us a blueprint for a strategic defense. While we can defend tactically against reptile depositions, discovery,...to defeat it, we need a strategic defense. This presentation tells you how.

SESSION 3  |  11:30-12:30pm ET

The Nuts and Bolts of the Mergers and Acquisitions Process for Transportation Clients

Eric Baker & Craig Decker

Join transportation attorney Eric Baker and investment banker Craig Decker as they discuss what fleets need to know about corporate mergers and acquisitions, including tips for both sellers and buyers.

BREAK & EXPO  |  12:30-2pm ET

Virtual Expo Hall

Zoom Event

Grab some lunch and network with colleagues and sponsors in our virtual expo hall. Be sure to visit our sponsors' booths to learn more about their services and how they can help your fleet. Chat with fellow attendees and sponsor representatives right from your Zoom connection!

SESSION 4  |  2-3pm ET

Proving the Independence In Your IC Model

Wendy Greenland, Doug Grawe, Christa Peterson

This panel will discuss what courts and agencies look for in independent contractor programs, and how you can prove the independence in your independent contractor program.

SESSION 5  |  3:15-4:15pm ET

Insuretech: The Future of Insurance Through Technology

Brian Runnels, Andrew Ladebauche, Jeff Hunt, Lizzie Kolkowski

As carriers continue to face skyrocketing insurance premiums, many are scrambling to source new options. Join us for a panel discussion to where our experts will inform us on an up-and-coming development in the insurance market known as "insuretech." They will discuss what types of fleet technology are being used in these programs, how they are used, and what fleet should know before choosing to participate. 


SESSION 6  |  9-10am ET

Minimizing Exposure through the DQ Process

Jeremy Reymer, Brandon Wiseman & Jerad Childress

One of the driving forces of so-called “nuclear verdicts” against trucking companies is inadequate driving vetting. The driver qualification process plays a big role in most of these cases. With that being the case, carriers should be closely evaluating their driver qualification process and standards to ensure they meet minimum regulatory requirements and meet or exceed current industry standards. In this session, our speakers will offer practical tips for properly qualifying commercial drivers.

SESSION 7  |  10:15-11:15am ET

The Importance of Tax Planning & How to Interpret Proposed Tax Legislation

Nathan Potter

Regardless of the economic climate, tax planning is a valuable tool that all transportation companies should revisit each year. This is especially important during times of transition to ensure that both short-range and long-term tax projections have been calculated and strategies forged. Nathan Potter, director, Katz, Sapper & Miller, shares best practices and actionable solutions for immediate use and discusses potential changes that may affect carriers and logistics companies.

SESSION 8  |  11:30-12:30pm ET

Cargo and Freight Claims Gone Wild: How to Protect and Defend Carriers

Kristen Johnson & Craig Helmreich

Despite the best of operations, a cargo claim or freight charge dispute might still happen. When it does, what other safeguards can a motor carrier have in place to close exposure loopholes? A few small, smart actions can save big claim damages. We will discuss tricks and tips with cargo insurance, watching out for unauthorized double brokering (carrier-to-carrier shipment tendering), bankruptcy risks, wrongful cargo rejections, shipper responsibilities, and several other practical actions carriers can take to prevent cargo claims or freight charge disputes from going wild.

BREAK & EXPO  |  12:30-1:30pm ET

Virtual Expo Hall

Zoom Event

Grab some lunch and network with colleagues and sponsors in our virtual expo hall. Be sure to visit our sponsors' booths to learn more about their services and how they can help your fleet. Chat with fellow attendees and sponsor representatives right from your Zoom connection!

SESSION 9  |  1:30-3:00pm ET

Got Data? Let’s talk! Use your data to help, not hurt, you

George Thellman, Hayden Cardiff, Adam Kahn, Bobby Humphrey, Brian Runnels

Our drivers face a wide variety of data capturing technologies daily and how they utilize each can significantly impact the profitability and safety of a fleet.  Join us for an informative panel discussion where our panel of experts from the industry will inform us how we can leverage technology to mitigate risk with a focus on driver retention. 

SESSION 10  |  3:15-4:00 pm ET

Improve Inspector Relationships. Improve Truck Inspection Results

Steve Vaughn

Sooner or later every truck is pulled in for an inspection. Carriers have an opportunity to reduce the chance of inspection, while improving safety and compliance. Proactively communicating with enforcement can benefit your fleet. In this presentation, you will learn how and why forming a better relationship with law enforcement can help you improve your truck fleet's safety scores and reduce liability risk and inspection delays.

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Special thanks to the following sponsors of our event. Interested in becoming a sponsor?Download our sponsorship prospectus here



This is not your average Zoom meeting! Our one-of-kind event will include dedicated virtual networking spaces like an event lobby and expo hall, allowing guests and sponsors to network throughout the Summit. Sponsors will each have their own booth where attendees can explore their product/services, see demos, speak with representatives, and receive marketing materials. 


Throughout the event, we'll be raising funds for the Next Generation in Trucking Association, a non-profit trade association with the mission to promote trucking as a positive career field; create programs that encourage CDL and Diesel Technician training of our nation’s youth; and connect them to training and employment opportunities.

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Trucksafe Consulting is a full-service DOT regulatory compliance consulting and training service. We help carriers develop, implement, and improve their safety programs, through personalized services, industry-leading training, and a library of educational content. Trucksafe also hosts a monthly live show on its various social media channels called Trucksafe LIVE! to discuss hot-button issues impacting highway transportation. 


Trucksafe is owned and operated by Brandon Wiseman and Jerad Childress, transportation attorneys who have assisted some of the nation’s leading fleets to develop and maintain cutting-edge safety programs. Brandon and Jerad work regularly with carriers of all types and sizes to understand their regulatory obligations and minimize risk. They do so through policy development, in-person and online training, safety rating upgrades, corrective action plans, CSA score analysis and improvement, and DataQs appeals, to name a few.